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Art Museum - Fairmount

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Our evaluation: The reputable cornerstone pet care center in Fairmount since 1979. Hours that fit your work schedule and affordable care

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Phone Number:(215) 684-1439

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Very affordable! / limited time only Low cost $35 pet exam & consult & a free testing (normally $35!) for your pet !(newly adopted or already owned healthy pets)Call to see if your new pet qualifies and clarifications on this special fees

Member of the American Veterinary Medical Association

​Feline and canine general medicine, surgery, dentistry, geriatric and pediatric care and care of prior shelter pets (shelter medicine)

​2315 Fairmount AvenuePhiladelphia, PA

​Phone: 215-684-1439

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Art Museum area

Fairmount Animal Hospital

2315 Fairmount Animal Hospital

Philadelphia, PA 19130


by Paul C.
User rating: 5 ref: ref: Google
out of 5 stars
"Highly Recommend"
Posted 7/15/22 (approx)
"Highly recommend!"
"First time patients discounts given to us and than some! They've taken good care of my puppy whom was very sick when I got him. Squeezed me/puppy in about 4 days after they returned my call at a time everyone was booked a month out including them! Check them out! Dr and desk manager are great!"

by Andrea S.
User rating: 5 ref: ref: Google
out of 5 stars
"...wagging tail"
Posted 4/15/22 (approx)
"It's rare that dogs arrive at and leave the vet wagging. With Dr. Eynard that is always the case. Not only is Lucas treated well but I always leave knowing he got the best, and most thorough care. One time my dog had an unusual GI infection and Dr. Eynard went above and beyond with doing research, calling experts, and making sure Lucas gets the best treatment. They answer all my questions and check in after appointments to make sure my pup is doing better. I would recommend Fairmount Animal Hospital to every Philly dog owner"

by Alessandra D.
User rating: 5 ref: ref: Google
out of 5 stars
"... going to FAH for over 20 years"
Posted 3/15/22 (approx)
"My family has been going to Fairmount Animal Hospital for over 20 years. Dr. Eynard is an extremely knowledgeable and caring veterinarian. I continue to take my cat, Lolita, to FAH for her annual wellness checks and the odd office visit. Dr Eynard and his staff have gone above and beyond to ensure the health and safety of my cat and my father's dogs ( and cat). Not to mention affordable. Thank you Fairmount Animal Hospital"

by Joe M.
User rating: 5 ref: Google review
out of 5 stars
Our trusted and reliable vet for 8 years. 
Posted 2/10/18 
"Great staff who are truly honest, caring people who have always been great with our cats."

by Maya F.
User rating: 5 ref: Google review
out of 5 stars
Right as rain
Posted 2/03/18
"My cat was sneezing BLOOD. I made an appointment and he was put on antibiotics. Turned out to be a respiratory infection. Now he is right as rain! The nurse was nice and the Vet took his time and educated me about general health/diet concerns and upkeep of mature but energetic cat . Manny just turned 9 years old!"

by Linda verello
User rating: 5 ref: Google review
out of 5
would never take by cats anywhere else!
Posted 1/10/18 
"I love everyone at Fairmount Animal Hospital and would never take by cats anywhere else! They are like family to me."

by Andrew G.
User rating: 5 ref: Google review Local Guide
out of 5
Loved the staff and the veterinarian.
Posted 2/5/17
"Loved the staff and the veterinarian. Living in phily for a while you really appreciate great customer service and this place has it. Will definitely be a repeat customer"

by Tony D.
User rating: 5 ref:
out of 5 stars
Taking care of our dogs and cats for many years
"Dr. Eynard is a very caring vet and Joanne and the other assistant are great! Dr. Eynard has been taking care of our dogs and cats for many years and we are very satisfied with the service!"

by Carla H. ref:
User rating: 5
out of 5 stars
Genuinely caring and compassionate about animals:
Posted 08/02/15
"genuinely caring and compassionate about animals and I know that if my dogs are sick I can take them to this hospital.......will deliver the best care they could possibly receive"

by Tina MT ref:
User rating: 5
out of 5 stars
Detail oriented helpful: 
Posted 11/12/11
They have been taking care of my 5 year
old dog since he was 4 months old. I'm a nurse and I feel confident in saying that the care my dog receives AND the follow-up is better than a lot humans receive. My dog had pneumonia once and another time what I think was a slight case of pancreatitis. I received a call every third day to check on how he was
doing. Blood work for dogs is expensive no matter where you go. My friends w/other vets confirmed this. I found a lump on Spike which turned out to be an infandibular cyst. Dr. E. coordinated this so that it was time for his teeth to be scaled and he would have to put him to sleep ONCE thefore decreasing the risk of TWO episodes of anesthesia and saving me money. He even encourged me
early on to get pet insurance so that I could recoup some money for vaccines, monthly medications and should anything horrible happen. I can't say enough about the entire staff there. Always helpful, detail-oriented and CARING.

 by Sess  ref:
User rating: 5
out of 5 stars
Friendly, nice, helpful: 
Posted 03/22/08
I had a scare with my 5 month old chihuahua and i wasn't
sure weither or not to take him to the emergency vet. I called the fairmount animal hospital on a Saturday and the woman was extremely friendly, nice, and helpful. She gave me sort of a diagnosis over the phone and really helped me.
Not only did she make me feel better, but she saved me time and possibly the expense(even though it would have been worth it). I would definitly use this
animal hospital again!

by Bambi232
User rating: 5
out of 5 stars
Posted 05/13/07
Excellent: I love this vet, I have been to
this Vet for the past 5 or so years and I always receive excellent service and I always know that my cats are in the best of hands. For anyone who doesn't have a vet this is a great place that will definitly take care of your pet.

by Paula B.   ref:
User rating: 5
out of 5 stars
Good place 
Posted 12/26/06
I had to take my dog here when my regular
vet was on vacation. They did an excellent job with my dog. They also have Saturday hours and some evening hours are also available.

by local user ref:
User rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Excellent Service
Posted 09/13/06
excellent service: I needed immediate help for my dog when our regular vet was on vacation. The service here was prompt
and of excellent quality.

by shorn ref:
User rating: 5
out of 5 stars
Exceptional care
Posted 02/27/2006
We have been using Dr. Eynard for the past
3 years. His care is excellent. He is extremely knowledgable and loving with our pets. We would highly recommend his clinic. His clinic routinely calls to follow up on care. Pros: Good care, Excellent follow up

by Lisa T. ref:
User rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Definitively 5 stars...
Posted 12/27/05
The place to go for your pet (cat or dog) !!!. and affordable! 
Great vets and great staff!  Great hours! Great reputation! You'll learn a lot when you go there because they care.

by John D. ref:
User rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Great quality, prices and pet care
Posted 12/26/05
Wonderful vet with a lot of knowledge. 
Great medical care & prices for all services. 
If you are a new pet owner... it is the place to go to.
Check out their hospital's web site for more information at

by gina m. ref:
User rating: 5 out of 5 stars
caring pet care 
Posted 11/24/05
the people here at the fairmount animal hospital are very
experienced when it comes to taking care of animals and they have very good facilities. their staff is very friendly and outgoing and makes you comfortable when u visit.any questions are answered properly.very good pet care service.

by penny b. ref:
User rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Good all around vet.
First Review! Posted 11/01/05
I brought two rescued cats, one male and one female here late at night and the vet was very nice.  At the time he accepted a low cost spay/neuter voucher and he altered both kitties for me. They were fine after, and lived a very long time. I appreciated his care and concern. He also cleaned them uo for me.PROS: Good hours there.